We have passed through Bergen a couple of times on the way to and from Sogndal. It is one of my favourite cities.


Leaving South Shields

We drove up to Newcastle to catch the ferry (which sadly no longer runs) across to Bergen calling at Stavanger on the way.

Bergen from the ferry – at night and the following morning

It was a 24 hour crossing so we arrived in Bergen as it was getting dark and stayed on the ship overnight before disembarking the next morning. We had time to explore the town, most notably the Bryggen which made me think of Dickensian London but with floorboards rather than cobbles.


At the head of the harbour there was a market.


On our return from Sogndal we stopped at Fantoft Stavkirke which looked old but smelled of fresh wood – we discovered that the original had been burnt down and it had recently been rebuilt.


On a later trip we had the opportunity to visit Urnes Stavkirke which is genuinly old – the oldest in Norway dating back to the 12th-century. It overlooks  Lustrafjorden and is an UNESCO World Heritage site along with the Bryggen.


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