Soggy dollars

An unmade road south of Stone Town on Zanzibar leads to the village of Fumbe. The road seems to go on for ever, gradually getting narrower and narrower. Driving down it we were surrounded by dense bush and really couldn’t gauge where we were. Occasionally a path crossed our track or someone would cycle across the road in front of us. Eventually as the road seemed to be petering out we turned off and down a short slope.

The mangrove lined beach at Fumbe was the starting point for today’s safari. We were off to a desert island and coral reef. A number of dhows were moored offshore and another boat was being loaded with supplies. We met Eleanor who runs SafariBlue and were introduced to her team. Once everyone else had arrived we were given a briefing and then told to board the dhows. Continue reading “Soggy dollars”


What were the Tommys thinking?

Serengeti, Timbuctoo, grey-green greasy Limpopo, Ngorongoro, enticing words from books read long ago. Now as we land at the excitingly named Kilimanjaro International Airport some of them are about to become a reality. We are soon met by our guide and are heading out under the African night sky. Over breakfast the next morning we discover that, apart from our guide, there are six of us in our group – two English, two Scots and two Welsh – is this a cue for a joke or for an adventure?

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